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Touch Controller for Tablet

Tablet Stylus Solutions

Goodix designs and produces single-chip stylus solutions that can simultaneously support a touch screen and stylus operation without tampering with screen structure. Two options are offered: a high-end active stylus solution or a cost-effective passive stylus solution. Both can be used in mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Our stylus solution products are manufactured for both domestic and international markets.

Active Stylus

• 10-point touch control

• Screen size: ≤10.1”

• Hover: ≥10mm

• Pressure level: 1,024

• Support TP Structure: GFF/OGS

• Power supply: AAAA Battery

• Power consumption: 2h/Day, 150 days

• Button: 2 customized button

• Pen tip: ≥1mm, changeable tip (different material and friction coefficient)

Passive Stylus

• 10-point touch control

• Screen size: 7"~10.1"

• Nib diameter: 2mm~3mm

• Adapt to different master platforms


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