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There's Always a Rainbow After a Rain

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In those six years after I graduated, I worked on system development involving projects such as capacitive active stylus, capacitive fingerprint and optical in-display fingerprint sensor. What I can’t forget is a project around the National Day last year. A customer’s mobile phone that adopted Goodix’s optical in-display fingerprint sensor was to be launched overseas and they had higher requirements for fingerprint anti-proofing. However, the development time of that project was particularly short and anti-proofing was one of the more difficult features of optical fingerprint sensing.

We gathered together colleagues working on algorithm, system, software and testing on a short notice and all of us worked so hard for more than a month to collect hundreds of thousands of real and fake fingerprint specimens. After countless discussions and brainstorm meetings, we finally resolved a series of problems that seemed to be contradicting with one another and we ended up achieving a major breakthrough of the anti-proofing feature and fulfilled the need of the customer.

Looking back, this project gave us much enlightenment. What strikes me the most is innovation means you spend so much more efforts to take yet a bit more difficulties in order to break into the unknown territories. Also, believe in yourself when you encounter difficulties. There is always a rainbow after the storm. Welcome to Goodix. Together, we will overcome more difficulties, complete bigger breakthroughs, realize greater values and create more miracles.

Shared in 2018


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