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Goodix’s Optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ Commercialized on vivo’s X21 Flagship Smartphone


Seamless integration with bezel-free OLED infinity display smartphones, empowering fingerprint unlock to be secure, smarter, and more convenient          


March 19, 2018 – Goodix, world leader in biometric & human interface technologies announces commercialization of its optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR on vivo’s brand new bezel-free X21 flagship smartphone. A moment which the biometrics industry longed for has come to reality. Collectively, the two companies will deliver unrivaled in-display fingerprint authentication to global consumers, and lead this new trend of biometrics application on today’s spree of bezel-free OLED infinity display smartphones.

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In the last five years, Goodix has pooled together its global R&D resources to develop the cutting-edge technology. In the process, numerous technical difficulties were resolved in order to provide superb user experiences. Including optimized optical stack design to elevate anti-interference against ambient lights, allowing smooth and rapid unlock under the sunlight; enhanced algorithm to lower the FRR (false-rejection-rate) of dry fingers as well as in extreme low temperature environment. Additionally, with full compatibility of both flexible and rigid OLED displays, it renders smartphone makers alternatives of display suppliers. In application, Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR is not only closing in on the unlock speed; its signal penetration and water resistance have also surpassed capacitive fingerprint solutions. Goodix is assertive that it’s by far the best biometrics option available in the market in terms of convenience, performance, and aesthetics. Currently, Goodix’s revolutionary biometrics technology alone holds more than 180 applied & granted domestic and international patents.


Furthermore, to ensure quality and for optimal yield, Goodix has collaborated with industry peers to actualize breakthroughs on production and testing techniques of this new technology. As the main fingerprint sensor supplier for the X21 smartphone, the successful commercialization of Goodix’s optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR by vivo is another testament of Goodix’s innovative aptitude, and strategic alliance between the two companies.


Goodix, the dominant fingerprint solution provider for Android phones globally has commercialized an array of innovative and proprietary products with top-tier smartphone manufactures worldwide. Including glass-covered fingerprint solution, IFS(Invisible Fingerprint Sensor), Live Finger Detection, single-chip ultra-thin fingerprint solution, IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR, and etc. “The era of bezel-free smartphones is already at our doorsteps, our optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR empowers fingerprint unlock to be secure, smarter, and more convenient. Through profound insights of market demands, customer-centricity, and dedication, Goodix will continue to explore and develop new innovative biometrics technologies & applications to provide differentiating values to its global customers and the end consumers.” says David Zhang, the Goodix CEO.


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