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Goodix’s Statement Regarding Fingerprint Sensor Patent Disputes


[Shenzhen, China, September 13, 2018] Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) is announcing that it has recently received a lawsuit filed by Fingerprint Cards AB (collectively, “FPC”) from the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. According to the Court service documents, FPC filed a complaint against Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd. (collectively, “Goodix”) on August 23,2018. FPC specifically identified one capacitive fingerprint sensor from Goodix and one smartphone model launched in early 2017, allegedly infringing on one of its Chinese patents.

Goodix respects intellectual property rights and the rights of inventors to protect their innovations, in the same manner that Goodix expects others to respect its own intellectual property rights.  Over the past several years, Goodix has maintained a commitment to independent innovation in capacitive fingerprint authentication technology through extensive R&D investment. With a series of world’s first innovative technologies including single-chip fingerprint sensor, glass-covered fingerprint sensor, Invisible Fingerprint Sensor (IFS™), and ultra-thin fingerprint solution, all of which have been applied to a wide range of global customers, Goodix has become the world's No.1 fingerprint solution provider for Android phones.

As of September 2018, Goodix has been building a growing patent portfolio of more than 2,300 patent applications and over 300 granted patents worldwide to protect its position in the market place and its innovations. It also includes more than 1,100 patent applications in the field of fingerprint authentication technology and over 120 granted patents. Through years of exploration and innovation, Goodix has achieved continuous technical breakthrough in optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM and leads the commercialization of this revolutionary technology.

Goodix believes that the lawsuit brought by FPC is without merit, and it will vigorously defend itself against FPC’ allegations. In the meantime, Goodix will continue to provide excellent service and support to its customers while also bringing unique value to their worldwide consumer base.


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