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Goodix's Live Finger Detection™ Achieved Commercialization in High-End Smart Lock Market


 [Shenzhen, China, December 18, 2018] Today Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) announces its proprietary Live Finger DetectionTM being exclusively featured in innovative smart home solution provider Yunding Network Technology’s latest flagship smart locks LOOCK Touch 2 and Touch 2 Pro. The new design achieves improvements in durability and aesthetics with its glass-covered fingerprint module and showcases an industry breakthrough with high security and rapid unlocking performance, providing consumers with a safer and more convenient smart home security experience. The commercialization marks Goodix's entry into the high-end smart lock market with its revolutionary Live Finger DetectionTM.


Goodix's Live Finger DetectionTM is the world’s first fingerprint authentication solution that combines hardware and software integrations, providing unmatched biometric security and live identity protection. It supports glass and sapphire covers, offers rapid yet stable unlocking performance, reliable delivery capabilities, and professional services. Since entering the smart lock market in October 2018, Goodix’s innovative solution has been commercialized by top-tier smart home brands and is highly recognized by customers and end-users. Goodix will continue to innovate in this "live" smart lock era, provide consumers with its superior services, and guard more homes by tirelessly bettering smart locks’ security and performance.


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