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Live Finger Detection™

World’s first to launch Live Finger Detection™ applied to mobile devices

Goodix is the world’s first IC designer to develop, patent and commercialize the Live Finger Detection™ technology and applied to mobile devices, which allows a capacitive fingerprint sensor and an optical sensor to be seamlessly combined into one. Through the detection of fingerprint, blood flow and infrared signals, this cutting-edge technology embedded within the sensor is able to authenticate the user’s identity and reject faked fingerprints.


• 360° readability, rapid unlock

• Effectively rejects 2D/3D fake fingerprints and improve security of mobile payments

• Compact chip design with built-in heart rate detection functionality, allows for wide range of applications

• Won CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards, 2017 Gold Edison Awards, and 2017 COMPUTEX d&i awards

• Commercialized on flagship models from  ZTE, MEIZU, and ASUS


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