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VLSI Staff Engineer

Job Description:

- At R&D firm engaged in mixed signal ASIC design & implementation: Develop new UVM agents, scoreboards, & tests to verify complex Mixed Signal ASIC & FPGA RTL design. 

-  Create test sequences & mixed signal behavior models to predict performance & accelerate design cycles. 

-  Create & run verification models & regression scripts to ensure IC modification hasn't impaired functionality. 

-  Generate functional & code coverage reports containing metrics to assess design quality. 

-  Generate UVC (universal verification) components & scoreboards to test if IC model is correctly processing variable stimuli. 

-  Generate System Verilog Assertions to validate design behavior. 

-  Run gate level simulations. Create low power verification models. 


Goodix Technology Inc, 133 Technology Dr #200, Irvine CA 92618

Employee Activity

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