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Staff RF/MS Design Engineer

Job Responsibility:
• Work w/hardware, VLSI, System, production, applications, & platform teams to develop & optimize key RF & analog building blocks.
• Architect, design & validate analog & RF building blocks/integrated circuits for power management and wireless transceivers using CMOS technology.
• Implement power sequencing algorithms to extend battery life.
• Implement low power analog features. Ensure correct programming & efficient utilization of chip hardware.
• Ensure correct programming & efficient utilization of chip hardware.
• Facilitate testing of developed chip hardware.
• Provide adequate training to applications engineers & help address customer issues.
• Work w/overseas teams to provide a complete system solution.
• Use Cadence Virtuoso, Mentor Graphics Calibre, Mathwork, MATLAB, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, & network analyzer to perform duties.

Send CV to job location: Goodix Technology Inc, 133 Technology Dr #200, Irvine CA 92618

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