Let’s start with a quick tour of Goodix Bluetooth LE SoC resources.


Design Review

If you have any questions regarding the hardware design review, please directly contact Distributor/FAE, or get Developer Community Support from “GET SUPPORTS”.

Performance Evaluation


Production Hardware & Tools

The following resources can help you manufacture large quantities of standardized products.

Type GR551x GR5526
GRPLT Lite Config Tool
Hardware PLT
PLT Lite

Qualified Products

Our products have completed the Bluetooth® Qualification Process. For FCC, ETSI and SRRC certification, please find related DTM tool or DTM firmware support from here.

Product QDID Type Bluetooth Version Declaration ID QDID
GR551x Component Bluetooth 5.1 D047988 119449
GR551x End Product Bluetooth 5.1 D060344 188689
GR5526 Component Bluetooth 5.3 D058699 179976
GR5526 End Product Bluetooth 5.3 D058700 181083


For other documents except GR5526 MCD, contact our technical support (FAE or Distributor).

Type GR551x GR5526
Document Material Composition Declaration (MCD) Material Composition Declaration (MCD)

Technical Support

Community Support

Did not find what you were looking for? Goodix Developer Community is usually a better fit. We will reply your question within 24 hours during working days.

Contact Distributors

Working in collaboration with our experienced Distributors allows you to purchase Goodix development boards and concentrate on what you do best.
Distributor Name Email Address Tel
Ibeelink Kayne Yuan kayne.yuan@ibeelink.com (+86) 17378101755
Lierda Wang Zhigang wangzg@lierda.com (+86) 18067988243
Yuwei Tech Wang Jiaqing wangjiaqing@szyuweitech.com (+86) 18898587800
Goyoo Tech Simmy Ding simmy.ding@goyoo-tec.com (+86) 18138280045
Digi-radio Zhou Chenghao chenghao.zhou@digi-radio.cn (+86) 13316853817