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GProgrammer is a firmware programming tool that applies to GR551x series SoCs. It supports functionalities such as debugging, firmware download, Flash read/write, eFuse download, and firmware encryption & signing. For batch programming and testing of GR551x series SoCs in mass production, PLT Lite and GRPLT Lite Config Tool are recommended.

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  • Supports SWD mode and UART mode

  • Supports firmware download

  • Supports internal/external Flash operation

  • Supports eFuse-related information configuration, download, and display

  • Supports firmware encryption and signing

  • Supports NVDS configurations

  • Supports displaying device logs

  • Supports command line operation

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GR5515 Starter Kit

GR5515 Starter Kit (GR5515 SK) helps users quickly get started with project evaluation, development, debugging, and performance verification when GR551x series SoCs are used.

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PLT Lite

PLT Lite is for programming GR551x series SoCs in mass production.

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Update time: 2022-04-15
Version description
  • Adds support for GR5513BENDU

  • Updates the “Firmware” and “Encrypt & Sign” interfaces where adding HEX firmware files via GProgrammer is supported

  • Adds the “Export” button to the "Firmware" interface where exporting BIN firmware files by GProgrammer is supported

  • Modifies configurations related to "External Flash" where “QSPI2” is added to “SPI Type”

  • Updates commands supported by GR5xxx_console.exe and GR5xxx_encrypt_signature.exe
Update time: 2021-11-17
Version description
  • Supports Flash downloading/programming via UART connection when SWD mode is disabled

  • Fixes a bug that may cause GProgrammer to fail to program an external file with a size of more than 6 MB

  • Adds support for two GR551x models: GR5515IENDU and GR5515I0NDA
Update time: 2021-07-16
Version description
  • Adds the function of importing firmware by dragging-and-dropping the firmware file

  • Adds IO_LDO_SEL and Package Type on the eFuse Layout page

  • Adds the function of setting IO_PWR_SRC on the eFuse Layout page

  • Deletes the GMF0x series from GProgrammer
Update time: 2021-01-07
Version description
  • Supports operating the 128 MB external Flash of GR5515I0ND SoCs

  • Fixes the bug of occasional failures in reading a Flash ID

  • Fixes the bug about GProgrammer connection failure with GR5513 SoCs

  • Updates the number of peripherals in GR5515GGBD and GR5513BEND SoCs
Update time: 2020-08-13
Version description
  • Encrypt & Sign:

    • Supports generating Public Key Hash file

    • Supports for encrypted and signed or only signed firmware files

    • Changes the suffix of the filename generated after encryption and signing

  • Chip configuration:

    • Supports configuring the Sector number occupied by NVDS

  • Command line operation:

    • Updates the erase and download command formats for GR551x_console.exe

    • Uses the command line to encrypt and sign the firmware

    • Supports for user-defined Windows script command line operation
Update time: 2020-05-31
Version description
  • Flexible selection of chip sets

  • Connection in SWD and serial mode

  • Supports regarding GR551X:

    • Firmware download

    • Internal/external Flash operation

    • eFuse-related information configuration, download and display

    • Firmware encryption and signature

    • Non-Volatile Data Storage(NVDS) parameters configuration

    • Displaying device logs

    • Command line operation

  • Supports regarding GMF03x:

    • Read/write SRAM and Flash

    • Display contents of bin and hex documents

    • Flash programming and erase

    • Flash read-protection and write-protection

    • Configure user-selected bytes


Name Rights Description Version Date
GR551x Datasheet For Public Rev.2.4 2022-04-15
GR551x Developer Guide For Public Rev.2.5 2022-04-15
GR551x Firmware Encryption Application Note For Public Rev.2.0 2022-04-15
GR5515 Starter Kit User Guide For Public Rev.1.8 2022-04-15
GProgrammer User Manual For Public Rev.2.5 2022-04-15
GR551x DFU Application Note For Public Rev.1.9 2022-04-15
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