GRPLT Lite Config Tool


GRPLT Lite Config Tool is Goodix proprietary software for configuring the PLT Lite. It packages relevant firmware, resource files, and mass production configurations to be downloaded to the PLT Lite through USB-UART port, to support batch firmware download, resource download, parameter configuration, and functionality testing for GR551x SoCs.

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  • Supports GR551x series

  • Configures firmware and resources

  • Configures Bluetooth address

  • Configures NVDS parameters

  • Configures firmware keys

  • Supports internal/external Flash

  • Configures crystal calibration parameters

  • Configures RSSI test parameters

  • Configures multiple devices connected in cascade in programming

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PLT Lite

PLT Lite is for programming GR551x series SoCs in mass production.

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GRPLT Lite Config Tool
GRPLT Lite Config
Update time: 2022-06-24
Version description
  • Initial release


Name Rights Description Version Date
GRPLT Lite Config Tool User Manual For Public V1.3 2022-06-24
GRPLT Lite Config Tool Customized Firmware Encryption Application Note For Public V1.2 2022-06-24
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