GRToolbox is a Goodix proprietary mobile APP for Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs. It enables users to scan for Bluetooth devices, set connection parameters, demonstrate standard profiles, and debug profiles/services from Goodix Bluetooth LE platform. To develop and debug Bluetooth LE products with GRToolbox, users can also use the profiles/services available in GR551x SDK.

For Android devices: Mi Store, Huawei App Gallery, vivo App Store, OPPO App Market Store, Tencent App Store, Google Play

For iOS devices: App Store (in Chinese and English)

Users can find “GRToolbox” in the mobile APP markets mentioned above.

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  • Scans for Bluetooth LE devices, and lists devices with filters or in specific orders

  • Shows broadcasting details

  • Connects to devices, sets connection parameters and maximum transmission unit (MTU), and binds to/unbinds from a device

  • Discovers services, reads/writes characteristic values, enables/disables notifications and indications

  • Parses profiles/services

  • Demonstrates functions of standard profiles such as HRS and BPM

  • Demonstrates functions of Goodix profiles such as DFU and UART

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Update time: 2022-05-06
Version description
  • Updated “Privacy Policy”

  • Added the “Set PHY”, “Characteristic Util”, and “Dump Log” functionalities in “Device” interface

  • Added a confirmation interface displaying before starting DFU in “Device” interface

  • Added parsing of 16-bit UUID for all Bluetooth SIG members according to 16-bit UUID Numbers Document, and parsing of UUID for Fast DFU service

  • Supported MAC address displaying in “Profile” and “Application” interfaces

  • Removed the default addresses in “Copy Address(0x)” field under “Copy Mode” and “Start Address(0x)” field under “Update Resource” in “DFU” interface

  • Added the “REBOOT” button and the “Write Ctrl Point” functionality in “DFU” interface

  • Added the “PHY Settings” functionality in “Fast DFU” interface

  • Fixed some known issues


Name Rights Description Version Date
GR551x Power Consumption Profile Example Application For Public Rev.2.2 2022-04-15
GR551x Fast DFU Example Application For Public Rev.1.8 2022-04-15
GR551x OTA Example Application For Public Rev.2.1 2022-04-15
GR551x APP Log Application Note For Public Rev.1.0 2022-05-10
GR551x FreeRTOS Example Application For Public Rev.2.0 2022-04-15
GR551x Fault Trace Module Application Note For Public Rev.2.0 2022-04-15
GR551x Bluetooth Low Energy Throughput Example Application For Public Rev.2.2 2022-04-15
GR551x HRS RSCS Relay Example Application For Public Rev.2.1 2022-04-15
GR551x Serial Port Profile Example Application For Public Rev.2.0 2022-04-15
GR551x Sample Service Application and Customization For Public Rev.2.0 2022-04-15
Bluetooth LE Getting Started For Public Rev.2.0 2022-08-24
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