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Sr. Analog Design Engineer

At R&D firm, interface w/customer & system engineer to understand required solution.
Assess technical feasibility.
Develop product specs & drive architecture definition for new products & circuit blocks including data converters, amplifiers, regulators, bandgaps and oscillators.
Leverage state-of-the-art industry knowledge including fluency in concepts related to noise, system stability, linearity, signal processing, & digitization, & an understanding of device fundamentals, fabrication process & layout non-idealities to design & innovate new high performance analog & mixed signal circuits, finding right optimization of cost, power & performance for best customer solution.
Simulate & verify that design solutions meet expected performance levels.
Prepare reports on design reviews, proposals & implementation.
Coordinate custom layout development, driving floorplan & providing guidance to layout engineers.
Perform laboratory evaluation.
Debug new solutions & support test & validation teams to guarantee performance in full production programs.
Use Matlab & either Spectre or Hspice simulation tools.

Send CV to job location: Goodix Technology Inc, 901 South Mopac Expressway, Bldg II, Ste 375, Austin TX 78746.

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