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TFA9894D Block Diagram
TFA9894D Application Diagram

The TFA9894D is a high-efficiency 10 V boosted Class-D haptic driver IC with a sophisticated smart haptic and LRA protection algorithm. It can deliver up to 5.6 W (AVG) output power to an 8 Ohm LRA, at a battery supply voltage of 4.0 V.

The internal boost converter raises the supply voltage to 10 V, providing ample headroom for major improvements in LRA performance of clean haptic effects and audio display features. Unlike the competing solutions, the adaptive haptic boost algorithm uses feedback to accurately calculate both the temperature, the excursion, and resonance frequency. This allows the TFA9894D to adapt to changes in the LRA conditions. It enables audio display, audio to haptic, and short click use cases.

TFA9894D Block Diagram
TFA9894D Application Diagram

Key Features

  • SPK Class-D

    • 5.6 W into 8 Ω, 6.2 W into 4 Ω (THD < 1%; Vbat = 4 V)

    • Very low noise: < 14 μV

  • 10 V Adaptive DC-DC Boost

    • Maximizes the output power of the Class-D audio amplifier while preventing large battery supply spikes and limiting quiescent power consumption

  • Power consumption

    • High system efficiency: 91% peak efficiency for 600 mW sine wave

    • Low battery consumption: < 125 mA (Po = 380 mW, average music power)

  • Embedded SpeakerBoost algorithm

    • Speaker damage protection for thermal mechanical damage overload and enhanced loudness on speaker

    • On host or DSP integrated only on TFA9894D (V2.0)

  • MCU platform digital IO support

    • 3.3 V digital IO support

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