GR851x Series
GR851x Block Diagram

The GR851x family is a System-on-Chip (SoC) that integrates a powerful application and security subsystem with NB-IoT cellular communication functionality. It features ultra-low power consumption, high communication reliability, and outstanding application scalability. Based on ARM® Cortex®-M4F CPU core, GR851x integrates an RF transceiver covering both low band (LB) and high band (HB), packaged with programmable Flash memory, RAM, and multiple peripherals. Prepared to support NB-IoT Rel-15, it is an ideal choice for a vast variety of Internet of Things (IoT) application scenarios, including smart meters, asset management, smoke detectors, smart bands, and others.

GR851x Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Application Processor (AP) Sub-system

    • Cortex®-M4F based scalable core clock: 3.25 MHz ~ 69.3 MHz

    • AP is independent from CP and is able to reset CP

    • Up to 128 KB SRAM dedicated for OpenCPU application

    • Up to 4 MB Flash with XIP

    • DFOTA

    • Peripherals, up to 61 IOs

      • Low-power UART

      • 2 * I2S, 2 * I2C, 2 * UART, 1 * ISO7816, 2 * SPI, and 1 * QSPI

      • 5 * 13-bit ADC

      • 6-channel PWM

      • 8-channel DMA

      • Timer / Dual timer

      • SWD

    • Communication Processing (CP) Sub-system

      • 3GPP Rel-14 supports:

        • Multi-Carrier support enhancement (NPRACH, Paging)

        • Cat-NB2 and two HARQ processes

        • CP re-establishment

        • AS and NAS release assistance indication

        • Rel-14 positioning: OTDOA and E-CID

        • DL channel quality reporting

      • 3GPP Rel-15 supports:

        • NB-IoT wake-up signal (NWUS)

        • Dedicated PRACH SR

        • SR in HARQ ACK

        • RRC connection release without RLC AM poll

        • Relaxed monitoring for cell reselection

        • Power headroom reporting enhancement

      • Global bands support: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26, 28, 66, 70, 71, 74, 85

      • DFOTA

  • Power Management

    • Wide range voltage input: 1.85 V ~ 4.35 V

    • Power consumption: 35 µA / MHz

    • I/O voltage: 1.6 V ~ 3.6 V

    • Integrated power supply for PA / FEM

    • BoD

    • Power-saving mode (PSM), Idle mode

  • Security

    • Complete secure computing engine

      • AES 128-bit / 192-bit / 256-bit symmetric encryption (ECB, CBC, CTR)

      • Keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC)

      • TRNG

    • Comprehensive security operation mechanism

      • Root-of-Trust

      • Secure boot

      • Encrypted firmware runs directly from Flash

      • Flexible encrypted key system

  • Packages

    • BGA121L: 5.6 mm * 5.6 mm * 0.88 mm, 0.5 mm pitch

    • QFN58L: 6 mm * 6 mm * 0.75 mm, 0.35 mm pitch, 4-layer PCB supported

  • Certification (Silicon): China Mobile, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom

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Hardware Resources

GR851x Pro Kit

The GR851x Pro Kit is a development platform based on the GR851x chip (supporting NB-IoT).

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Software & Tools

GR851x SDK

Software development kit for GR851x series chips, universal SDK, compatible with rich AT commands and OpenCPU customer application development (water meter, gas meter, etc.)
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GProgrammer for NB-IoT

A FLASH programming tool, including firmware download, firmware signing, and eFuse operation, is used in the development and debugging stage
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Chip configuration tool, which can be used to configure chip parameters (IO voltage, crystal capacitance, etc.), SDK application parameters and communication parameters.
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Log tool, used to record, view and analyze the logs generated by the entire NB-IoT chip (customer code, application SDK and communication core), support viewing by category, such as user code log, SDK log and communication (NAS, RCC, MAC, PHY, etc.) log
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Serial port tools, including sending and receiving AT commands, statistics of terminal measurement values, statistics of downlink UDP rates, etc.
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Production test tool, including firmware download, chip calibration, and non-signaling tests. 
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RF calibration and non-signaling test debugging tools
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Name Rights Description Version Date
GR851x Product Brief For Public V1.3 2022-06-10
GR851x Datasheet Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.7 2021-10-13
GR851x AT Command User Manual Secure File, Please Contact Sales V2.3 2022-04-27
GR851x Hardware Design Guidelines Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.7 2022-02-25
GR851x OpenCPU User Guide Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.3 2021-08-03
GR851x FEM & PA QVL Selection Guide Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.1 2021-04-15
GR8513NMBIN Pro Kit Board Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.3 2022-06-10
GR851x OpenCPU API Reference Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.8.2 2022-07-12
GR851x Reliability Test Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V2.0 2021-12-20
GR851x Power KPI Test Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.7 2021-12-07
GR851x AP Functional Test Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.3 2021-06-30
GR851x Full Temperature Range Baud Rate Tolerance Test Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.2 2021-06-30
GR851x Peripheral Test Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.2 2021-04-14
GR851x Sampling RCT Report Secure File, Please Contact Sales V1.2 2021-04-08
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