AudioCapture Block Diagram

AudioCapture is a full featured audio enhancement software solution that allows the customers to capture high quality audio with their videos. The key features are: Audio Focus, Audio Zoom, Surround, Wind Suppression. The solution is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

AudioCapture Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Audio Focus: Focuses on the sounds coming from any chosen direction and attenuate sounds coming from other directions

  • Audio Zoom: Dynamically link Audio Focus to the video zoom. This feature allows to control the level of the sounds inside the focus area

  • Surround: Increase spatial content of the captured audio to give a richer experience during playback. Independent of the playback platform / device

  • Wind Suppression: It allows the consumers to make high quality outdoor recordings by detecting and suppressing wind noise from the microphones

  • Audio Conditioning: Equalizers, dynamic range control and gain control

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