Industry market account for a fast growing segment of our business, with a wide range of new applications in large-scale scenarios such as smart cities, smart homes, smart traffic, and smart health. Data is becoming more and more valuable, and LPWA technology can stably transmit massive amounts of data to the cloud efficiently and without consuming much power. Our competitive NB-IoT turn-key solution with ultra-low power consumption, highly integrated, and cost-effective, can fully support various of emerging applications that require massive and stable connections.

Smart Meter

NB-IoT is a good way of achieving over 6 years of battery life, and can handle secure communications and massive connections for smart meters, including water meters, gas meters, and more, with tens of millions of these meters produced annually. Our GR8513 OpenCPU single-chip solution has support beyond just the connection. Integrated an external MCU, it saves on BOM costs while providing reliable data transmission and functionalities for smart meter business.
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Smart Health

NB-IoT can support the low-power, secure, and stable transmission of data to the cloud. It can also help analyze health-related big data to help improve the user experience. Integrated a Security Element (SE), our GR8513 NB-IoT SoC with ultra-low power consumption can fully meet secure requirements and help protect the health and wellbeing of end users.
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Global tracking across countries and position fusion solutions based on global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and base stations are helping the NB-IoT to work more widely and effectively in tracking applications. Supporting the roaming and positioning features including OTDOA in the 3GPP R14, our NB-IoT well-suited to providing comprehensive solutions for innovative tracking applications in smart logistics, smart cities, and more.
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