Industry-leading Time of Flight (ToF) Ranging Solution with High-resolution,
High-precision, Long-range Detection, and Low-power Consumption


Goodix offers high-resolution, high-precision, long-range, and low-power consumption time of flight (ToF) ranging solutions with spot-pattern, line-pattern or flood-pattern. It consists of the time of flight image sensor GVW8366B and the laser driver chip GD8573B to enable depth measurement. It’s a perfect solution for 3D information and distance measurement that can be widely used in smart devices, smart home, industrial and other application scenarios.

Why Goodix?

Excellent Sunlight Suppression Performance
  • Better SNR

  • Shorter exposure time

  • Less sunlight received

Proprietary Pseudo Random Pulse
  • Lower interference

  • Less EMI

Proprietary Time-Gating HDR
  • Single frame HDR

  • Low motion blur

Comprehensive Support
  • Proprietary excellent algorithm

  • Provide optical path and hardware reference designs

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