Touchpad Controllers

Our touchpad controllers meet all Windows and Chrome OS protocols, enabling more precise micro-movements and long-distance sliding touch control as well as better palm rejection, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for touchpad applications on devices like laptops and portable keyboard.

Touchpad Controllers
Touchpad Modules
Click-anywhere Touchpad Modules
Newton Touchpad ®
Touch Controllers for AR / VR
Touchpad Controllers
We offer a variety of high-performance touchpad controllers that support all laptop segments such as Chromebooks, consumer, business, and others. Our product series include click-anywhere, force, security laptop touchpads as well as portable keyboard accessories.
  • Supports touchpads of up to 143 Hz @ 5 finger and 180 mm * 100 mm
  • Proprietary computing power to support high-precision touch, palm rejection, and waterproof operation
  • Advanced process that supports low-power consumption
  • Supports dome keys
  • Integrated force detection channel
  • Supports seamless touch with optimized ID effects
  • Supports security applications
Touchpad Modules
We offer high-performance touchpad Module which can support operation areas of up to 180 mm * 100 mm, enabling users of devices with Windows and Chrome operating systems to experience a more precise and smoother touch control.
  • Supports touchpad sizes of up to 180 mm * 100 mm
  • HID I2C & PS2
  • Certified by Windows HLK / Chrome AVL
  • Precisely sense the center of gravity of fingers for micro movement / shifts
  • Ultra-powerful palm rejection algorithm
  • Supports OSP and ENIG
  • Stable module process with minimal warpage
Click-anywhere Touchpad Modules
We have developed a high-performance click-anywhere touchpad module. Based on our proprietary structural patent, it supports an operation area of up to 180 mm * 100 mm and provides excellent, full-size pressing consistency. In addition, this solution simplifies production testing requirements and effectively improves product assembly yields.
  • High compression consistency
  • Minimal pressure deviation
  • Supports minimalist UI
  • Easy to assemble
Newton Touchpad ®
In addition to providing a precise touch experience, the Newton Touchpad ® adopts force-sensitive touch technology along with brand-new haptic feedback, providing more practical, rich, and interesting applications for laptops and keyboard.
  • Provides integrated solutions and modules that include touch control, force-sensitive technology, and haptic feedback
  • No touch force blind spots at the four corners of touchpads, providing a superior click operation experience
  • The ultra-thin design provides more space for the battery
  • Precise force sensing and excellent force consistency
  • High vibration intensity and excellent vibration consistency
Touch Controllers for AR / VR
Our high-performance, low-power consumption touch products help improve the user experience of AR/VR products, and can be adapted to AR / VR products of different sizes and structures. The brand-new touch control solution has excellent touch performance and function expansion capability, enabling a more diversified, smoother, and more convenient interactive experience.
  • High precision touch experience
  • Supports wearing detection
  • Supports a variety of gesture operations
  • Comes with an advanced technology process

Recommended Products

Part Number Channels Interface DOME Key Package Chip Size System Support Supply Voltage
GT7863 16Tx*27Rx I2C/PS2 Support QFN60 6 * 6 * 0.6 mm Windows/Chrome AVDD 2.8/3.0/3.3 V
GT7868Q 22Tx*38Rx I2C Support QFN88 10 * 10 * 0.75 mm Windows/Chrome AVDD 2.8/3.0/3.3 V DVDD 1.8V
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