GH3011 Block Diagram
Typical application for smart watches/wristbands
Typical application for finger oximeter

GH3011 is an ultra-low-power and ultra-high-precision heart rate sensor that integrates three LED drivers, a photodiode (PD), and an analog front-end. It can monitor heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2) and enable wearing detection. GH3011 can be widely used in smart wearables such as wristbands and watches, professional sports gear, and fingertip oximeters.

GH3011 Block Diagram
Typical application for smart watches/wristbands
Typical application for finger oximeter

Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    • Average current consumption in heart rate detection mode: 60 µA

    • Average current consumption in SpO2 detection mode: 600 µA

    • Average current consumption in in-ear detection mode: 10 µA

  • Excellent Performance

    • 24-bit highly accurate ADC

    • Dynamic range: 96 dB

  • Light Transmitter Block

    • Three independent LED drivers embedded; each supports up to 100 mA drive capability

    • Two LED drivers facilitate output drive signals synchronously

    • 8-bit programmable current controller

    • Automatic dimming, self-adaptive to environment changes in optical path for optimal SNR output

  • Light Receiver Block

    • Built-in photodiode (PD)

    • Up to 1 kHz heart rate sampling frequency for each channel

  • Internal FIFO: 768 Bytes

  • LGA Package

    • Size: 3 mm * 4 mm * 0.8 mm

    • Three LED drivers, one PD and one AFE embedded

  • Operating Voltage: 2.1 V-3.3 V

  • Communication Interface: IIC or SPI

  • Functions: HR, HRV, SpO2, and Wearing Detections

  • Applications: wearable devices such as smart bands/watches, fitness arm bands, stick-on heart rate monitors, fingertip oximeter

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Product Details

Part Number



LED interface


Max LED Driving Current

100 mA


AFE channels


PD interface



96 dB






768 Bytes

Package Type

LGA 19

Chip Size(mm)

3 * 4 * 0.8


HR, SpO2, HRV, Wear Detect

Hardware Resources


Used for the module test and completed product test for all the health sensors

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GH3011 EVB

Used for the hardware verification and performance test for GH3011.

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Software & Tools

GH30x EVK PC Tool

This tool can be used to evaluate the performance of GH30x chip and generate the configuration of driver library
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GH30x Driver Library

The driver library integrates the driver code, library functions and algorithm library of GH30x to help customers develop drivers and algorithms quickly
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GH30x Android APP

This tool can be used for the optical path test of the whole machine and the data collection of health functions
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Name Rights Description Version Date
GH3011 Datasheet For Public Rev.1.2 2021-04-29
GH3011 Schematic For Public Rev.1.3 2022-04-20
GH3011 BOM For Public Rev.1.3 2022-04-13
GH3011(4X3X0.8) POD For Public Rev.1.0 2021-04-20
GH3011 Reliability Report For Public Rev.1.0 2019-08-07
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