eSE (embedded Secure Element)


Our eSE (embedded Secure Element) chip provides hardware based security protection for all types of connected devices & terminals. The eSE includes different hardware security sensors, rich cryptographic algorithm processors, large ultra-reliable secure storage, and supports multiple types of peripherals. It can meet the diverse security requirements of all devices with sophisticated functions. Furthermore, we could provide reference designs & solutions for implementing identification, digital payment, terminal management, stream cipher, etc., making it easier for device manufactures to achieve high security performances. Our eSE product IC has obtained notable certifications such as SOGIS CC EAL5+ and OSCCA L2 etc. Likewise, its COS has also earned the SOGIS CC EAL5+ Certificate, demonstrating our exceptional technical expertise.

Why Goodix?

Advanced Security Design & Rich Crypto Algorithms
  • Dedicated secure controller with additional security enhancements

  • Multiple types of sensors to protect against penetration attacks

  • Certified TRNG / DRNG / TDES / AES / SHA / RSA / ECC crypto libraries

Large Flash Memory & Rich Peripherals
  • MegaByte level secure flash

  • Ultra high endurance flash with wear leveling

  • Rich peripherals: SPI, I2C, ISO7816, and GPIOs, etc.

  • Multi-platform drivers: Linux, FreeRTOS, Android, and Mbed

Powerful Chip Operating System
  • Multi-tasks concurrency handling

  • Multi-logical channels

  • Fully support Global Platform

  • Dual virtual machine

Reference Design for Diversified Solutions
  • PKI applet & identification authentication solution

  • Stream cipher applet & video encryption solution

  • E-CNY wallet & payment terminal solution

  • Key management & terminal management solution

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