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Life at Goodix

Recruitment Life at Goodix
Professional Work Attitude
Goodix’s core values lays emphasize on “dedication, teamwork, innovation, and performance.” Our employees are focused and professional, passionate about pursuing innovation. Their dedication is what keeps us ahead of the technological trends.
Sustainable Self-Development
We develop our talented workforce with the objective of caring and supporting. Goodix has established effective channels and systems that provide adequate employee career developments, so that each of our employees finds his/her path and direction in Goodix. Not only can they dive deeply into their professions, they can also stretch their skill-set in multiple disciplines with the help and guidance of fellow industry experts in the company at every step of their journey!
Diversified Corporate Culture
Aiming to becoming a world-class company focusing on innovation and technology, we gather and merge rising innovative power worldwide and embrace the future with a global vision and roadmap. A future life enriched by innovative technologies is what drives us forward.
Exciting Life Experiences
Our duty is to ensure that our employees enjoy their work and rich spiritually. We enjoy every workday and holiday, and experience a life of fun, energy and happiness here.

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