GLS6155 Block Diagram

With Charge-type architecture, GLS6155 comes with features of high sensitivity and extremely low dark current noise. Through high-speed sampling, it captures the blanking of the screen in a very short period. Thus, it minimizes the interference of screen light and allows hardware-level high-precision measurement of correlated color temperature and illuminance. It also supports algorithm-based screen light interference reduction solution, which allows software-level high-precision measurement of correlated color temperature and illuminance. Placing LED or VCSEL in the ultra-narrow bezel of a device allows unrestricted proximity sensing; if the LED or VCSEL light source is placed under the screen, proximity sensing in the off-screen state can be achieved, and the proximity sensing in the on-screen state can be achieved with screen touch controller.

GLS6155 Block Diagram

Key Features

  • High-precision under display ambient light measurement

    • Supports correlated color temperature and illuminance measurement

    • Integrated high-sensitivity Red, Green, Blue, Clear, and Wide-band channels

    • Programmable gain and integration time

    • Capture the display synchronization signal VSYNC

    • Up to 10 KHz sampling rate

    • Integrated hardware-level light leakage processing module

  • High-performance under display proximity sensing

    • High sensitivity IR channel

    • Programmable PWM emitter driver

  • Small package size

    • 1.36 mm * 2.35 mm * 0.69 mm CSP package

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