Active Stylus Driver Chips

The GP850 is a highly integrated active stylus driver SoC solution that supports mainstream active stylus protocols in the market. In combination with our high-performance touchscreen controllers and high-performance Bluetooth LE chip, the GP850 provides a smooth and responsive writing experience for users, enabling mobile device manufacturers to explore more innovative applications for active styluses. In addition, we also provide comprehensive software and hardware active stylus design references.

Supports active stylus protocols like GPP, MPP2.0, USI1.0 and HPP

15 ~ 40 V high voltage coding

Supports the Tilt function

Supports DSSS decoding and duplex communication

Supports OTA of the entire stylus to provide greater convenience and flexibility

Recommended Products

Part Number Channels Interface Support Protocols Tx Voltage Supply Voltage
GP850 2Tx*1Rx I2C HPP3.x, MPP2.0, USI1.0, GPP 15/20/30/40 V 2.2 V
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