The TFA9865 series, a beacon of Goodix Technology's innovative prowess, steers the industry toward uncharted territories with its state-of-the-art technologies. It reimagines mobile device audio capabilities with its powerful 7 W peak output power and an ultra-low noise floor below 7 uV, courtesy of Goodix's pioneering first-generation CoolPWM technology, which breaks away from traditional technology architectures with a pure digital path design and advanced energy efficiency management mechanisms, delivering louder and clearer sound quality in a compact size for mobile devices.


Key Features

  • Goodix's proprietary first-generation CoolPWM technology achieves higher efficiency, louder sound, lower noise levels

  • High-performance digital input Class-D amplifier

    • Integrated internal DC-DC boost, providing 7 W power for 8 Ω or 6 Ω load (THD < 1%, VBAT = 3.8 V)

    • 124 dB ultra-high dynamic range

    • Extremely low noise < 7 μV

  • High efficiency

    • High system efficiency: 80% efficiency at 380 mW output; 84% efficiency at 4 W output

    • Low battery current consumption: < 125 mA (Po = 380 mW, average music playback)

    • 256-step smooth boost accurately tracks output voltage

  • Easy design

    • Reduced chip size facilitates component layout design

    • Less peripheral components

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