Human-machine Interaction

Boosting a Convenient Experience of Human-machine Interaction
with Wireless Interconnection

Based on the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) protocol, HIDs such as wireless keyboards/mice, gamepads, and active styluses can easily achieve quick pairing and seamless connection with smartphones, computers, and other smart devices. This not only meets the demands for extended battery life, but also significantly improves user experience and work efficiency. Goodix Bluetooth LE SoCs deliver excellent compatibility, outstanding RF performance, and abundant development resources, to ensure stable, seamless, and convenient device interconnectivity for diverse innovative human-machine interaction applications.

Active Stylus
Goodix offers innovative turnkey solutions with the combination of Bluetooth LE SoC + active stylus driver chip + touch IC for active stylus applications, significantly reducing product development complexity and enhancing development efficiency.
Selfie Stick
Provide customized control solutions tailored for phone photography and Apps in selfie stick applications, compatible with both iOS and Android systems, and offer demo project examples.


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Goodix fingerprint sensor + Bluetooth LE SoC create more diverse and innovative options for applications such as keyboards and mice.



Support the LCP 2.4G private protocol with 1 kHz data transmission, enhancing data transmission stability and real-time performance for gamepad products in AR/VR applications.
Handheld Gimbal
Goodix Bluetooth LE SoCs feature excellent stability and compatibility, enabling stable connection and control in gimbal applications.
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