Location Services

Precise Positioning for Diverse Applications

Bluetooth LE achieves precise positioning through methods including RSSI, AOA/AOD, and Channel Sounding, addressing the increasing demands for high-precision positioning in emerging commercial and industrial applications.

Currently, mainstream smartphone system providers and manufacturers are diving into the personal item tracking market. They utilize extensive crowdsourced networks to enable personal item tracking via Bluetooth broadcasting. Examples include Apple Find My, Google Find My Device, Samsung SmartThings Find, and Huawei Find Network.

All series of Goodix Bluetooth LE SoCs support Apple Find My. Goodix offers a broad portfolio of Bluetooth LE SoCs, from high-performance to cost-optimized solutions which have become the preferred choice for third-party products to develop smart tracking function. At present, Goodix solutions have been widely used in various Find My–enabled products, such as e-scooters and smart tags.

Indoor Positioning
Support RSSI Beacon applications and AOA/AOD, with reference code and user guides available, to help developers quickly get started with secondary development.


High-precision Ranging
Keep in step with the latest Bluetooth LE specifications, and support the soon-to-be standardized high-precision ranging technologies, to empower a wide range of emerging applications.
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*The life of CR2032 battery in a certain customer's smart tag products reaches up to 1 year. For more information about power consumption, please refer to the specific datasheet.
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