Smart Metering

Facilitating Public Utilities with
Low-power Wireless Technology

Moving from traditional meters that require manual reading and on-site maintenance to smart water and electric meters that enable real-time reading and automated billing, low-power wireless connectivity technology is accelerating the empowerment of public utilities. It effectively reduces the cost of energy distribution, minimizes waste, and boosts efficiency, paving the way for a more convenient and energy-efficient production mode and lifestyle. With support for specific 2.4G private protocols, Goodix Bluetooth LE SoCs stand out for high-stability and long-range transmission under various conditions, fulfilling the stringent requirements for high security, high reliability, and extended battery life in industrial applications such as smart electric and water meters.

Smart Electric Meter
Support the LCP 2.4G private protocol, and precisely control the timing of packet transmission, achieving real-time synchronization pulses between the electric meter and the reading device.
Smart Water Meter
Support multi-master and multi-slave configurations with highly stable data transmission, enabling autonomous meter reading, self-recharging, and more functions of networked water meters.
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