Driving Two-wheeler Innovation with Intelligence and Digitalization

Featuring ultra-low power consumption, user-friendliness, and high compatibility, Bluetooth LE plays an increasingly important role in two-wheeler applications. Goodix offers a broad portfolio of Bluetooth LE SoCs, bringing a variety of differentiated values to two-wheeler applications: Intelligent battery management through stable and reliable wireless transmission enables battery status monitoring in real time, reducing wiring and enhancing charging efficiency and safety; Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS), vehicle usage right sharing, and more features facilitate vehicle usage; powerful computation and display drive capabilities enable detailed information including speed, distance, battery life, gear, and navigation shown on the display; through Bluetooth connection, two-wheeler accessories like speedometers, cadence sensors, and taillights can be interconnected with the host, improving user experience; support Apple Find My to track and ensure the safety of vehicles or accessories.

Smart Taillight
Support synchronized flashing of headlights / taillights on two-wheelers; more creative functions for lighting control products can be developed through Mesh.


Powerful computation and display drive capabilities enable color screen display as well as smooth and visually striking animation interactions on the speedometer.


Smart Helmet
Goodix offers an innovative solution with the combination of Bluetooth LE SoC + wearing detection sensor + health sensor for smart helmets, enabling functions such as safe riding reminders and health monitoring.
Safety Lock
Rich experience in mass production for applications such as Apple Find My services and PEPS facilitates convenient and efficient intelligent updates for safety locks on two-wheelers.
Battery Management System
Stable wireless connection, high-precision ADC, and ultra-low power operating mechanisms enable accurate monitoring of battery temperature, current, and voltage.


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