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Recruitment Life at Goodix

Set Higher on a Platform of Excellence


I don’t feel that I am better or something. I just feel lucky that I got onboard before Goodix’s journey to excellence took off. From very early on, I have come to an understanding as to how important the platform is. The company’s platform includes many cutting-edge product series, giving opportunities to colleagues who work in corresponding fields, particularly those working on engineering and manufacturing. As the company keeps launching new products, we are able to access and grasp advanced processing methods and materials.

Why do I think a platform is important? One example: Many suppliers and customers want to work with us. Even though there may not be as much business exchange going on, they are still willing to put in resources to develop projects with us as they recognize Goodix’s potential and what we are capable of. Top talents from all fields gather together in Goodix. Each of us innovates and works hard. Different departments collaborate to respond quickly to solve the problems timely. This is exactly why teamwork matters.

Behind the success of each product lies the devotion of all our colleagues. Everyone has done their job. Such work attitudes are inspiring, as all of us work hard with the same belief. No one feels that there is anything we can’t do. We also thank those colleagues who are always silent but working hard.

Finally, I’d like to thank the company for recognizing our efforts. This is not an end. Nor does it mean how much I have achieved personally. It represents a journey to innovation and legacy that just began. Technologies need innovation, and the Goodix spirit needs to be passed down.

Shared in 2018


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