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2018 was an unforgettable year for all members on the optical in-display fingerprint team. Many of us, I believe, have seen “the Futian Free Trade Zone (where the office is located) at 4AM.” And we did not fail our leaders or the hard work and devotion of the team members. We have built a stage of innovation that belongs to us Goodixers.

At the beginning of the project, all performance indicators fell behind those of G1 (the first generation of optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™). Questions were constantly raised every time when there was a test, internally or by customers, saying, “This performance is way much worse than that of G1. Will it work?” Faced with doubts, our optical team didn’t give up. Members from worldwide offices, including Chengdu, Shenzhen (Warburg and Tengfei offices), the U.S. and more got together to work on solving the problems. “We have to try, even though it may just be a 5% increase of the performance,” said Carson Ye, VP of R&D.

Accumulating the efforts of each “5% trial and error,” our performance finally exceeded that of G1. Customers told us, “now we are no longer comparing it with G1. We will see if there is an increase when comparing with the previous version.” Then we went from aiming to outperform G1 to surpassing ourselves. The key is we would try on every possibility. We initiated a project for every difficult stage to tackle that particular obstacle, and we surprised our customers again and again. “What other tricks are you hiding from us? Show us more,” our customers joked. The fact that the next set of data is always better than the previous one shows how much effort each of us on the in-display optical fingerprint team has devoted.

The successful mass production of optical in-display fingerprint sensors could not have happened without the hard work of our team members, the support of our families and the guidance from our leaders. When we felt clueless and helpless, David Zhang, our CEO, came to the site many times to experience the demo device to boost the team spirit. Dr. Pi encouraged us to “guess boldly, try more, and don’t be afraid of failure and difficulties. If we don’t make it this way, think and try again from another one.” Cason Ye stood at the front-line with us every day and even helped to collect fingerprints from the low-temperature test chamber. Such a team on which everyone works closely with each other with high moral and spirit guarantees our success.

After the successful mass production of the first, second and the subsequent models of our in-display fingerprint sensors, we didn’t stop moving forward. Each of us on the team, from the front-end chip design to the back-end software application, is still working on making a progress, even though it may just be 5% or 10% increase of performance. With the guidance of our leaders, the optical in-display fingerprint team and other project teams will continue to embrace the future with the spirit of innovation for more great achievements to come.

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