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In the earlier days of the second-generation optical project, the schedule for mass production was tight. But we remained calm. At that time, all phases of the project were moving along quickly and efficiently. After a while of overnighters at the office, we ensured that the project went into trial run and mass production on schedule, meeting the requirements of the customer. What I’d like to say is having faith and remaining calm is especially important for urgent projects. “Be calm. We will win.”

There is a day I remembered the most. There was an internal decision to update some calibration information to ensure better performance on the application end. We discussed the modification plan and didn’t come to the final plan until 2 or 3AM. Then all of us started working on the modification. Some grabbed some snacks when they were tired or hungry, and kept on debugging and verification all night till we output the result in the next morning. Everything was taken care of until I was finally able to support the manufacturing line. Then I went home for a short rest before rushing to the production line in Dongguan.

It is tough when you have to go on a business trip right after working overtime on urgent projects. But it is all worth it when problems are solved and targets are met. We are satisfied with the sense of achievement that comes with our hard work.

Shared in 2018


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