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Analog IC Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities: 

•Interface with customer and system engineer to understand the required solution.

•Assess technical feasibility, develop product specifications and drive architecture definition for new products and circuit blocks.

•Leverage industry state-of-the-art knowledge to design new and innovate high performance analog and mixed signal circuits, finding the right optimization of cost, power and performance to provide the best customer solution.

•Simulate and verify design solutions meet expected performance levels.

•Provide meaningful reports on design proposals and implementation (design reviews).

•Coordinate custom layout development, driving floorplan and providing guidance to layout engineers.

•Perform laboratory evaluation and debug of new solutions and provide support to test and validation teams to guarantee performance in full production programs.


•MS or greater in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering, or foreign equivalent.

Preferred Qualifications: 

•Strong capability in transistor-level circuit design.

•Fluency in concepts related to noise, system stability, linearity and signal processing and digitization.

•Understanding of device fundamentals and fabrication process and layout non-idealities.

•Experience and familiarity with traditional analog mixed signal circuit block features and design including amplifiers, regulators, bandgaps, oscillators and data converters.

•Ability to use various circuit simulation tools such as Spectre, Matlab and/or Hspice.

•Effective communicator.

Working Location: Austin, Texas, US

Please send your CV to: 

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