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Audio System Expert

Job Responsibility:

1.Take care the evaluation, development, validation and integration for audio products.

2.Support algorithm design and optimization of audio, particularly in DSP

3.Be responsible for audio software architecture design, system development and its commercialization.

4.Handle integration debugging and Testing in hardware, firmware and software integration debug.

5.System level performance optimization and troubleshooting.

6.SDK releasing.


1.Expertise in c/c++ with fundamental knowledge in algorithm.

2.Bachelor degree and above, major in CS, EE or Acoustics.

3.Understand audio and voice algorithm, such as Audio encode/decode, voice noise suppression, AEC, beamforming, EQ.

4.More than 5 years audio system development. Experience in wireless and Bluetooth earbuds project is a must.

5.Be familiar with major Audio DSPs, including but not limited to Tensilica, Ceva, etc. Architecture know-how.

6.Be familiar with major Bluetooth earbuds solutions (more than two of them at least).

7.Solid knowledge in audio measure instruments, preferable in earbuds acoustic structure debugging or audio product certification.

8.Team work spirit, good command of English and communication skills.


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