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Recruitment Life at Goodix

Senior Algorithm Researcher

GOODiX Multi Media Solutions (MMS) in Leuven, Belgium focuses on digital signal processing and AI for the Mobile, Wearables, Automotive, and IoT space. We deliver key software components for speech & audio enhancement, speech/speaker recognition, speaker protection and optimization, control of lenses in camera modules, haptic feedback, and many more. Our engineering team is involved in all development phases from research, in cooperation with universities, advanced development to product development. We are also supporting customers and regional teams with the integration of the audio products in devices, platforms and frameworks.

As we are increasing our investments in innovation and technology development for algorithms to drive various types of actuators (VCM motors, LRA, ...), we have an opportunity for a creative, passionate and hands-on algorithm developer with a solid background in control systems.

We are looking for a talented and passionate Senior Algorithm Researcher who has a broad view on technical topics based out of our Leuven office.

You are an innovator and will (responsibilities):

• Discover: Find the next BIG features! As a member of a multidisciplinary research and development team, you will be creating the next-generation, first-of-a-kind solutions, not only limited to the audio domain! You will work with open problem statements, leading them towards a conclusive proof-of-concept.

• Prototype: Make your ideas happen. You will research and explore your innovative concepts by fast prototyping features or systems.

• Collaborate: Build strong products with your colleagues. You will coach product development and customer project teams where profound algorithm knowledge is required. You will help refining your concepts into beyond-state-of-the art solutions, achieving robust and user-friendly results ready for product development.

• Explore: Shape our portfolio. Dig deep into completely new topics. Together with the team, you are going to scout for new technologies through close follow-up of research publications and conferences, and guiding PhD projects.

• Learn: Know your business. You will interact with customers to showcase our technology expertise and learn about customer needs and requirements as an essential input for our future solutions.

You have (requirements experience):

• DSP: You have a thorough knowledge of digital signal processing in theory and practice. You can at ease extend and share this knowledge with others.

• Algorithm design: You are talented and experienced in algorithm research and design, from concept to application. You can apply and overcome practical system constraints in the concept phase (e.g. fixed point architecture).

• System architecture: You can apply a system-level view to solving problems and you are not limited to a particular discipline. You are familiar with sophisticated signal processing system architectures.

• Programming: You are skilled in Matlab & Python (Simulink nice to have). Other languages are an asset. You are able to quickly pick-up a new design or development environment when needed.

• Versatility: You are a fast learner, curious to experiment and explore completely new technologies and applications. You have a broad view on technical topics and are able to innovate to meet the 'un-met' customer needs.

• Education: You have Masters or PhD in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, or a related discipline.

• Enthusiasm: You represent a creative, passionate working attitude and an agile mindset.

• Communication: You are an excellent team player, working in an international environment with different cultures and backgrounds.

• Reliability: You focus on high quality results, able to drive activities to closure. You are open-minded with a drive to pursue a long-term vision.

• Experience: You have a solid experience (5+ years) in algorithm development and innovation, either in a research or an industry environment.

You are (personality traits): 

• An open-minded, curious fast learner who likes to experiment, pioneer, and explore new technologies and applications.

• An excellent team player able to communicate effectively within an international culturally diverse environment

• Driven and focused on high quality results, able to drive activities to closure by making pragmatic choices.

Who are we:

• Our core values are Dedication, Teamwork, Innovation and Performance. 

• A growing multi-cultural team

• Embracing diversity in an international environment with different cultural backgrounds completing each other.

• Curious, passionate, and always eager to improve the user experience.

• Focused on high quality input and continuous learning.

• Cooperating and collaborating with European Universities.

• Enjoying working together in our office environment.

• Enriching your life through innovation.

We offer:

• Stimulating technical environment with all the necessary equipment.

• Competitive remuneration (salary, pension, group and health insurance, meal/eco vouchers, bonus).

• Good work-life balance (holidays, extra holidays, fresh fruit, good coffee, flexible working hours, …).

• Ownership and an informal company structure.

We need:

YOU, to be a part of our enthusiastic team that continuously works on the cutting-edge technologies!

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Email: moltarzewski@goodix.com

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