Senior Principal Pixel Design Engineer

• At R&D firm, engage in CMOS image sensor pixel development. 

• Develop sub-micron pixels w/advanced pixel technology that produces high-resolution images. 

• Use knowledge & understanding of device physics & optics to improve pixel transistor & photodiode performance, including improvement of signal to noise ratios & dynamic range for CMOS image sensors. 

• Use knowledge & understanding of analog circuits & image processing algorithms in developing pixel designs. 

• Establish new pixel design technology that has high full well capacity photodiode w/low noise. 

• Establish new TCAD simulation methodology for advanced & small pixel development. 

• Collaborate w/analog engineers to design CMOS image sensor products with high frame rates. 

• Develop process & process integration in the context of semiconductor manufacturing. 

• Collaborate w/foundry & process integration engineers to develop smallest pixels. 

• Determine pixel operation scheme, timing, array structure, & process condition. 

Reference Job #103 & send CV to or job location: Goodix Technology Inc, 901 South Mopac Expressway, Bldg II, Ste 375, Austin TX 78746.

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