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Innovative Smart Lock Solution by Goodix Receives Global Mobile Awards 2019 for Best Connected Consumer Device

Time : 2019-02-25 12:33:25 Source:Goodix

[Barcelona, Spain, February 25, 2019] The GSMA presented Goodix’s Secure Live-Finger Detection Solution with the Global Mobile Awards 2019 for Best Connected Consumer Device. Standing out from innovative products from renowned consumer brands, Goodix’s solution won the award for its cutting-edge innovation in biometric authentication and secure MCU technology. Goodix’s effort in IoT innovations is highly recognized by industry authorities.


Goodix’s Secure Live-Finger Detection Solution integrates world’s first “live” fingerprint authentication technology (Live Finger Detection™) and an EAL4+ certified security MCU based on RISC-V core, providing a software and hardware integrated solution for fingerprint authentication, data storage encryptions, and network security. With its improved security level for biometric authentication, the solution can be utilized in smart locks, wearables, automotive, and other IoT products. Live Finger Detection™ was featured by renowned high-end smart lock brands including Dahua and Yunding Network Technology, while the innovative smart lock solution is expecting large-scale commercialization in 2019.

To explore Goodix’s latest development in IoT solutions, please visit our booth in Hall 1 Stand 1E70 at MWC 19.

About GLOMO Awards
The GSMA’s GLOMO Awards offer organisations across the global mobile eco-system (including all converging vertical sectors) the opportunity to showcase the latest and best mobile products, apps, devices, services, and initiatives to the industry and the world. The Awards are open to all eligible mobile companies, and supporters of the mobile eco-system – GSMA Members, Associate Members and Non-members – as defined in the individual category eligibility descriptions.

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