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Sense the World, Connect the Future — Goodix Showcases the Latest IoT Development of a Smarter Future at 2019 HANGZHOU Apsara Conference

Time : 2019-09-25

Source : Goodix

Hangzhou, China, September 25th, 2019 – Goodix is presenting its latest IoT products and demonstrating applications for a smarter lifestyle built upon its comprehensive IoT platform’s core technologies at 2019 HANGZHOU Apsara Conference from September 25th to 27th. The launch of Goodix’s latest IoT product offerings will be introduced at an exclusive forum taking place on September 27th.



Consolidate the Foundation of IoT in Security and Connectivity

The Internet of Everything is in full bloom as 5G deployment speeds up. With three years of investment in IoT, Goodix developed a wide range of advanced solutions and products for IoT applications, where chips are widely applied. Goodix is committed to strengthening the foundation of IoT and creating differentiated solutions for the success of network operators, customers, and developers.

At the conference, Goodix is demonstrating its innovative products including secure MCU with high performance and low power consumption, Bluetooth LE SoC for short-range communication, NB-IoT SoC for Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN), and more. Goodix offers integrated software and hardware solutions of “Security + Connectivity,” establishing reliable connections for data transmission among connected IoT devices. The secure MCU based on RISC-V core integrates comprehensive secure IP and hardware architectures, and hence vastly improves the security level of IoT end nodes. The MCU was commercialized via smart lock products by renowned consumer brands including Xiaomi and Yunding Network Technology. It is well received among the global market with its excellent security performance.

A Bluetooth 5.1 demo will be displayed at the booth, showcasing the excellent RF performance in data transmission of Goodix’s latest Bluetooth LE SoC. Aiming at offering high quality cellular IoT solutions with low power consumption, Goodix continuously enhances the stability in communication and reduces system power consumption of the NB-IoT products to align with the latest 5G standards for IoT. The rich wireless product portfolio enables various applications in the fields of health and fitness, smart meters, smart firefighting, and more.



Construct a Smarter Future with Sensing and Intelligence

Numerous IoT applications and devices are digitizing our daily lives via sensors. Goodix is presenting a smart lifestyle with applications of personal health and fitness, smart home, smart cars, and smart city. A few highlights include:

• Smart earbuds with a 2-in-1 solution of capacitive-based multi-channel in-ear detection (IED) and touch control, allowing playback controls via tapping and sliding gestures.

• Smart dashboard for cars featuring fingerprint authentication solutions to realize customized settings such as driver’s seat and mirror adjustments, as well as playback settings and more.

• Smart lock equipped with a 3D computer vision solution powered by Goodix’s innovative short-pulse sensitization technology, realizing face ID against interference of strong ambient light.

• Highly accurate heart rate sensors on wearables to collect real-time personal heart rate data for health and fitness applications.


Goodix will continue to innovate in IoT technologies, providing customers with differentiated products and accelerating the expansion and adoptions of intelligent IoT applications.


Welcome you to join us at #C408 in International Convention and Exhibition Center, Cloud Town, Hangzhou from September 25th to 27th to witness Goodix’s latest IoT developments and innovative applications, as well as an exclusive forum of an onward IoT revolution featuring industry experts in #B-306 at 9:00 a.m. on September 27th.  

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