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Goodix's Innovative Automotive Fingerprint Authentication Solution Achieves Large-Scale Commercialization

Time : 2020-03-18 21:58:00 Source:Goodix
Shenzhen, China, March 18th, 2020 – Today Goodix’s fingerprint authentication solution for automobile makes its first public appearance with the commercialization on Lynk & Co 05. Based on the forward-looking trends in automotive applications, Lynk & Co demonstrates various premium high-tech designs on its all-new coupe SUV. Among which, Goodix’s automotive fingerprint authentication solution enables secured identification in the vehicle with a one-press log-in and access to customized driver profiles, settings, and smart locks. Further applications of this innovative solution are expected in Internet of Vehicles (IoV), car alarm system, and more as the evolutions of technologies in automobiles continue.


Goodix’s automotive fingerprint solution enables a smarter driver experience in Lynk & Co 05. On one hand, it allows a one-touch identification in the infotainment system to automatically adjust rearview mirrors, seats, lighting, air conditioning, digital cockpit, security, and system parameters to a combination of preset settings, which delivers a seamless personalized experience for drivers by eliminating the traditional cumbersome adjustment process. On the other, the fingerprint authentication serves as a secure access to the glove compartment and trunk, prioritizing users’ privacy and security concerns. This solution also supports multiple user accounts to meet the needs of different car sharing scenarios.

Quality technological innovations for automobiles meet stringent requirements on their reliability. With years of R&D in the field of automotive electronics, Goodix is able to offer a complete hardware and software fingerprint authentication solution for automobile and original equipment manufacturers. Qualified for industry standard specifications AEC-Q100 and IATF 16949 in chip design, production, and packaging testing, Goodix’s solution can ensure quality and stable fingerprint authentication performance in spite of severe environmental impacts of temperature, humidity, electromagnetic, and more.  

"Automobile intelligence is a rising trend," says Dr. Bo Pi, CTO of Goodix. "We will continue to leverage our leading technological advantages in the fields of human interface, biometrics, and the Internet of Things to jointly innovate with renowned automobile customers. Together we will advance innovative applications for connected and smart vehicles, serving to deliver more secure, convenient, and intelligent driving experiences to global consumers."

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