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Goodix Technology's Statement on the Forged Employee Identity Used in Public Events

Time : 2020-04-14

Source : Goodix

1. Recently, a former employee of Goodix Technology repetitively participated in public events including investment exchange conferences organized by securities firms, and commented on Goodix’s operation with a forged identity, self-claiming as a current employee of Goodix. After being informed of the situation, Goodix conducted a thorough investigation and a solemn negotiation with the party. The party has realized that their misconduct and remark may have an adverse effect on Goodix and the majority of its investors, and therefore sincerely apologized for their behavior and submitted a written commitment promising to bear all relevant responsibilities and not to recidivate in the future.

2. Goodix always takes protecting the legitimate investment rights and interests of our investors as its responsibility. Regarding the above-mentioned and similar situations, Goodix officially declares that:

Goodix is not responsible for any comment or remark from ones who use forged employee identity of Goodix, in occasions such as public events and speaking opportunities, at which third-party organizations invited non-Goodix employees without contacting Goodix’s official communication channels. Any relevant adverse consequences arising shall be borne by the parties and the organizers. Goodix reserves the right to pursue the corresponding legal responsibilities of the relevant parties and organizers. 

3. Goodix hereby reminds all event organizers to invite Goodix’s authorized representatives ONLY through official channels as follows:

• Sales support:

• Investor relations:

• Media relations:

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Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

April 14, 2020

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