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Goodix Closes Acquisition of Dream Chip Technologies

Time : 2020-08-03

Source : Goodix

Shenzhen, China, August 3, 2020 – Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co. Ltd., an integrated solution provider offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT).  The acquisition of DCT is a key step for Goodix in constructing diversified strategy and integrating global engineering talent.  DCT's strong technologies, product offerings, and market penetration are a perfect match to Goodix's innovative and fast-growing team, accelerating Goodix's ability to rapidly deliver integrated solutions for smart mobile devices and automotive applications, serving an expanding worldwide customer base.


Recent design wins with Hyundai and Lynk & Co demonstrate strong consumer recognition of Goodix's expansion into the automotive application market.  With DCT’s strong focus on autonomous systems, the combined organizations will further strengthen Goodix’s technological capabilities in offering differentiated products to automobile customers worldwide. Specialized in the development of large SoCs, FPGAs, embedded software and systems, DCT's world-class image signal processing team adds to Goodix's arsenal of technologies, rounding-out a more complete and comprehensive R&D team.  Their joined forces will enable enhanced and broadened offerings to the market of smart mobile devices.


“DCT’s track record of success and market validation are perfectly aligned with our strategic development in automotive applications and ISP offerings,” said David Zhang, CEO of Goodix.  “Coupled with Goodix’s leading position in the marketplace, we are well positioned to deliver compelling solutions to our combined customer base.”


“This is a very important move for DCT. With the fundamental backup of Goodix, DCT will now be able to engage with customers into full ASIC business, supporting them not only with outstanding chip design capabilities but now also with the whole quality proven ASIC supply chain,” said Peter Schaper, CEO of DCT.  “This will address all the upcoming demands for computing power hungry SoCs supporting autonomous driving as well as comfort features in the cars.”



About Goodix

Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) is an integrated solution provider for applications based on IC design and software development offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions for smart devices, IoT applications, and automotive electronics. Goodix is recognized as the largest biometric authentication solution provider for Android devices in the global market. To learn more, please visit:



About Dream Chip Technologies

Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT) is a German fabless semiconductor technology company, specialized in the development of large ASICs, FPGAs, embedded software and systems, with a strong application focus on automotive vision systems. Companies worldwide from different industrial sectors rely on DCT's expertise and outstanding engineering skills. It is DCT’s mission to bridge the gap between demand and supply by supporting their customers with sophisticated vision technologies, thus enabling them to launch new products without neglecting their core business. This strategy ensures business stability and steady growth through product innovations simultaneously. Our strong development team brings more than 25 years of design experience to customers. The main strength of the company is image signal processing, device inter-networking and autonomous systems. The company now has more than 100 engineers in Germany and the Netherlands. To learn more, go to

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