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Fingerprint Authentication Solutions


Fingerprint Authentication Solutions for PCs and Tablets

On-chip hardware-based encryption that supports Intel IOC and MSFT security solutions

Support covered, Coating and IFSTM fingerprint sensors – more options and support thicker covers

Unique software algorithm provides leading fingerprint authentication performance and security capabilities

Certified by Intel and Microsoft

Widely deployed in flagship laptop products from leading global brands such as HUAWEI and ASUS

  • Innovative Biometric Solutions for Display

    Industry’s first fingerprint sensor fully integrated with the AMOLED display offering the latest borderless design

    Significantly higher screen-to-body ratio and avoid drilling a hole

    Compact size with ultra-low power consumption to optimize user interface

    Advanced water and dust resistant capability

    Winner of COMPUTEX d&i awards 2017

  • Live Finger Detection™ Fingerprint Sensor

    Industry's first “live” fingerprint authentication technology, used in mobile devices of leading brands such as ZTE, Gionee and Meizu

    Effectively reject fake fingerprints, ensuring highly secured mobile payments

    Excellent performance: unlock phones in 200ms and measure heartbeats in 6sec

    Integrated single chip design increases ease of production and assembly

    Winner of CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards, Gold Edison Awards and COMPUTEX d&i awards 2017

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    IFSTM – Invisible Fingerprint Sensor

    Industry's first and commercially available IFSTM, used in flagship products of global brands such as HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Lenovo

    Support thicker cover up to 350μm

    Enable thin frame phone design, maintaining original design style

    Improved software algorithm, leading in wet finger tracking

    Winner of CES 2016 Innovation Awards

  • Covered Fingerprint Sensor Solutions

    Support thicker covers: glass (175μm-250μm), ceramics (80μm -120μm) and sapphire (175μm-250μm)

    Compact single chip design: saves space and reduces module design complexity

    New software algorithm improves security and authentication speed

    Highly secure authentication with readability from 360°

    Support Finger FlashTM

Touch Controller Solutions

Curved Display Solutions

  • Superior edge suppression algorithm to avoid false triggering

  • Support wet finger tracking

  • Support 3D cover and GFF/GF Sito stack-ups

  • Force sensing technology (Newton TouchTM)

Active Stylus Solutions

  • Design Advantages

    Active stylus solution can be used in traditional touch screen designs

    Support wide variety of sensor specifications

    Simplified external components allows more flexibility in circuit board designs

  • Performance Advantages

    Intelligent palm detection and rejection

    Support simultaneous pen and touch control, providing intuitive user experience

    Patented technology and strong fall resistant

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