GH3026T is an ultra-low-power and ultra-high-precision analog front end that integrates multi-channel PPG, and triple-channel temperature sensing circuits. It monitors health indicators such as heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2), and temperature. GH3026T is ideal for high-end smart watches, smart wristbands, professional sports gear, and medical devices.


Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption

    • PPG typical power consumption: 40 µA @ 2 ADCs * 2 Slots, 39 µs, 25 Hz, 1st-order Background Light Rejection (BGR)

    • PPG typical power consumption: 110 µA @ 2 ADCs * 2 Slots, 39 µs, 100 Hz, 1st-order BGR

    • Temp typical power consumption:19 µA @ 1 ADCs*1 Slot,39 µs,5 Hz

  • Ultra-High Performance

    • 24-bit highly accurate ADC

    • PPG dynamic range: up to 110 dB

    • Up to 256 µA Configurable Background Light Cancellation (BGC)

    • Up to 256 µA Configurable DC offset cancellation

    • AC Background Light Rejection (BGR) (50 Hz): 60 dB

    • DC Background Light Rejection (BGR): 80 dB

  • Temperature Sensing Module

    • Single-channel sampling AFE supporting multiplexing

    • 3 NTC temperature sampling channels and 1 ref resistance sampling channel

    • Temperature sensing range and deviation: 25 °C ≤ Temp. < 45 °C: ±0.1 °C

  • Light Transmitter Block

    • Two LED drivers embedded; each supports 4 LEDs

    • Each LED driver with 8-bit resolution and a maximum drive current of 200 mA

    • Support 8 LEDs concurrently for SpO2 or multi-wavelength and multi-position heart rate detection

    • Up to 8 programmable Lighting time-slots

    • PSRR:95 dB

  • Light Receiver Block

    • Two independent AFEs that support synchronous sampling

    • Up to 8 programmable sample time-slots, up to 16 effective channels for data acquisition

    • 8 built-in Decimation/Moving Average units

    • 4 PD interfaces

    • Maximum junction capacitance of PD: 400 pF

    • Configurable TIA gain: 10 kΩ to 2 MΩ

  • Build-in Functions

    • Automatic Dimming

    • Automatic Wrist (Wearing) Detection

  • Internal FIFO

    • 800 * 4 bytes, caching 800 samples

  • Communication Interface

    • SPI: Up to 12 MHz

    • IIC: Up to 1 MHz

  • Critical Electrical Characteristics

    • AVDD: 2.0 V - 3.6 V

    • VDDIO: 1.62 V - 3.6 V

    • Operating temperature: -30 °C - 85 °C

  • Package

    • WLCSP package

    • Size: 2.605 mm * 2.905 mm * 0.468 mm, 0.4mm pitch, 42 balls

  • Typical Applications Supported

    • Heart Rate

    • SpO2

    • HRV

    • Wrist (Wearing) Detection

    • Temperature measurement

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Product Details

Part Number



LED interface


Max LED Driving Current

200 mA * 2


AFE channels


PD interface

8 Single/4 Diff


110 dB


NTC interface


Temperature measurement accuracy

±0.1 °C@25 °C ~ 45 °C






3.2 k bytes

Package Type


Chip Size (mm)

2.6 * 2.9 * 0.46


HR, SpO2, HRV, Wear Detect

Hardware Resources


An evaluate kit based on GH3020T/GH3026T which is designed for hardware verify and performance test.

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Used for the module test and completed product test for all the health sensors

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Software & Tools

GH3x2x EVK PC Tool

This tool can be used to evaluate the performance of GH3x2x chip and generate the configuration of driver library
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GH3x2x Algorithm Library

This algorithm library integrates the algorithm library of GH3x2x, including the measurement algorithm of basic physiological indicators (such as heart rate and blood oxygen)
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GH3x2x Driver Library

The driver library integrates the driver code and library functions of GH3x2x to help customers develop drivers and algorithms quickly
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GH3x2x Android APP Tool

This tool can be used for the optical path test and health function data collection of the whole machine
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GHealth_User_Manual Nda Users Only Rev.1.2 2021-08-17
GH(M)3x2x EVK Hardware User Guide Nda Users Only Rev.1.0 2020-08-04
GH3026T_Schematic_BOM Nda Users Only Rev.1.0 2023-07-13
GH3026T_Schematic Register Users Only Rev.1.0 2022-11-22
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