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Touch Controllers

Goodix brings the authentic touch experience with advanced human-interface solutions. Our human interface products have been running on over a billion of devices worldwide. With the development of display technology and smart mobile devices, we continue advancing our technology and expanding innovative applications of human interface solutions to bring infinite pleasure to consumers via precise control and convenient interaction.

Touchscreen Controller

Goodix’s touchscreen controller series products have been put into operation on more than a billion smart devices worldwide, covering well-known brands all over the world, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart home appliances, automotive and other products. With the innovative development of the display technology and smart mobile devices, we keep improving our technology while expanding the cutting-edge applications of the human-machine interactive technology, bringing precise control and the ultimate user experience of natural smoothness to consumers around the globe.

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Touchpad Controller

Goodix’s touchpad controller series products meet all Windows PTP and Chrome OS protocols, allowing more precise micro-movements or long-distance sliding touch control and better palm rejection. Thus, it provides the customers with complete solutions for touchpad applications on devices like laptops and mouse.
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Active Stylus Driver Chip

GP850 is a highly integrated SoC active stylus driver solution which supports the mainstream active stylus protocols in the market. Combined with Goodix’s high-performance touchscreen controllers, GP850 builds smooth and responsive writing experience for users. Pairing it with Goodix’s high-performance Bluetooth LE chip, it brings more varieties of innovative applications of the active stylus. In addition, Goodix also provides complete software and hardware active stylus design solutions.
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