GH3x2x Driver Library


The driver library integrates the driver code and library functions of GH3x2x to help customers develop drivers and algorithms quickly.

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Key Features

  • High tailorability and compatibility: On the premise of adapting to various application modes and functional requirements of customers, the resource overhead of the master processor is minimized;

  • Simple and easy to use: Customers do not need to pay attention to the operation details of the chip register level, just call the top-level interface to realize the sampling control and data output;

  • Powerful debugging interface: Provide a variety of debugging methods to help customers quickly locate software problems and performance problems;

  • Rich platform adaptability: Provide library files corresponding to various mainstream CPUs (such as cortex-M4, Cortex-M3, etc.) and compiler platforms (such as KEIL, IAR, GCC, etc.);

  • Built in drive reference code: The reference code contains the source code implementation of the basic operation functions of GH3x2x chip, which is suitable for self-developed and driven customers;

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