GR851x SDK


GR851x OpenCPU SDK is a software development kit for GR851x series chips, a general-purpose SDK, compatible with rich AT commands and OpenCPU customer application development (water meter, gas meter, etc.), it provides rich and easy-to-use API (for water meter, gas meter, and other smart metering industries have been optimized), complete supporting tools and documents, and rich sample codes to facilitate customers to develop their own applications quickly and efficiently, and accelerate product implementation.

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Key Features

  • Bottom package mode

  • Support Light sleep and Deep sleep

  • On-demand (bottom package, customer code and communication firmware) DFOTA

  • SRAM data retention

  • Interrupt/hibernate recovery mechanism

  • RTC domain Sleep timer

  • Sleep state IO state is maintained

  • Rich protocols: CTM2M / OneNET / LwM2M / CoAP / UDP / MQTT / MQTTSN / HTTP / FTP

  • Support Keil/GCC/IAR

  • Perfect and easy-to-use tools

  • Rich examples and application documentation

  • Simple and easy to use API

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