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Goodix Officially Enters Samsung’s Supply-Chain and Accelerates Overseas Market Development

Time : 2018-05-02 03:35:02 Source:Goodix

Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) enters partnership with Samsung Electronics. As the two companies’ first fingerprint sensor project, Goodix’s innovative single-chip fingerprint sensor GW32J1 has been commercialized on Samsung’s new smartphone model Galaxy J7 Duo to deliver innovative biometric solutions for consumers in India. Samsung, the global smartphone leader shipped 317 million units in 2017(IDC); Goodix’s entry into its supply-chain adds fuel to Goodix’s sustainable growth and is a milestone in the company’s overseas market expansion.


In recent years, Goodix has established collaborations with leading multinational companies such as Amazon, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, Nokia, ASUS, etc. through highly innovative products & solutions, professional services, and deliverability. Dedicated to innovation & customer-centricity, Goodix will consistently expand its businesses in overseas markets to strengthen and develop partnerships with its existing & potential customers. Also stretching into growing market segments of smart device, IoT and automotive, the company is driven to benefit consumers in the worldwide circulation through its cutting-edge technologies.

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