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Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ to Provide “Wow” Factor in Xiaomi’s Mi8 Explorer Edition

Time : 2018-05-31 09:26:00 Source:Goodix

May 31, 2018 – Goodix (SH: 603160), a world leader in biometric and human-interface technology, is announcing its latest revolutionary optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM to be a key feature on Xiaomi’s highly anticipated Mi8 Explorer Edition smartphone. Goodix is providing its innovative covered fingerprint sensors for Xiaomi’s Mi8 as well as the Mi8 SE.  The Mi8 series smartphones are the most recent additions to a series of collaborations that includes the Mi6, Note3, and MIX2/2s, demonstrating that Goodix and Xiaomi will continue delivering “Just for fans” innovative products to their global customer base.


Goodix’s optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM has received praise from top-tier terminal brands including Huawei, vivo, and Xiaomi, in addition to numerous renowned media outlets and industry analysts, for its stable and reliable performance. Goodix’s unwavering commitment to creating disruptive biometric authentication technology has resulted in more than 240 applied & granted domestic and international patents, due to the superior performance of IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM compared to traditional capacitive fingerprint sensors. This technology solves the universal problem of proper placement of the fingerprint sensor for the latest bezel-free smartphone design. IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM can be integrated into the OLED display on mobile devices and provides a simple, intuitive, and convenient biometric authentication experience for the user. This technology also allows users to conveniently unlock the device against ambient light, with wet fingers, as well as in extremely low temperature environments. Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM is the only solution in the market that can be successfully applied to both flexible and rigid OLED displays, resulting in mass implementation for commercial use and maximum cumulative shipments.


2018 will be the first year of large scale commercialization for in-display fingerprint sensor technology. With Reliable technical support, seamless supply chains, and product delivery capabilities, combined with mass commercialization by top tier brands and positive endorsements, Goodix is ready to continue their momentum in the future. Goodix anticipates many more main stream brands to feature the IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM in their flagship smartphones in the second half of 2018. Driven by excellence and through relentless effort, Goodix will continue to promote their innovative biometric technology for large-scale applications to better service their global customer base while delivering a more secure and convenient user experience.

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