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Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ Empowers vivo NEX Smartphone Exclusively

Time : 2018-06-12 13:57:00 Source:Goodix

[Shenzhen, China, June 12, 2018] Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) is announcing that its latest revolutionary optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM and capacitive fingerprint sensor will be exclusively featured on the exquisite vivo NEX—a state of the art AI flagship smartphone. Through independent thinking and forward-looking insights, vivo dares to pursuit true perfection and continuously creating surprises to users while Goodix insists on exploring technical boundaries. vivo NEX is the continuation of series successful collaborations between both companies, Goodix and vivo will continue to promote industry progress as well as provide a unique and improved “Ultra FullView Display” smartphone experience.



The latest IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM applied in vivo NEX flagship smartphone features higher resolution with an optimized optical stack design while also upgrading the fingerprint authentication performance: the accuracy of fingerprint image and the unlock speed improve 50% and 10% respectively. The compact module size of IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM provides a more flexible design space for mobile devices. Users will also enjoy a more convenient unlocking experience provided by the reduced impact of mobile phone film. In addition to these new improvements, Goodix unprecedentedly eliminates the need for fingerprint modules to be attached to the display which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces the difficulty of mass production.

After several years of unwavering commitment to R&D, Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM has applied and obtained more than 240 international and domestic patents. Also, it continues to build on the reputation for bringing ultimate user experience and has been widely implemented in flagship devices including vivo X21 UD, Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS, Xiaomi 8 Explorer Edition, and vivo NEX. Goodix has become the world’s No.1 supplier of optical in-display fingerprint sensors by efficiently commercializing and mass-producing models while meeting global shipment demand. Goodix anticipates many more main stream brands to feature the IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM in their flagship smartphones in the second half of 2018.


“Through years of exploration and innovation, Goodix’s optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSORTM has been achieved continuous technical breakthrough and mass production experience. Driven by excellence and through relentless effort, we will continue to explore the cutting-edge technology and deliver variety of innovative products to customer base worldwide. As an innovative technology company, it is our long-term mission to solve technical problems through innovation to improve the consumer experience, and in doing so, living better lives.” said Bo Pi, the Goodix CTO. While the endeavor for technological advancement is endless, Goodix will continue to build on success and push the boundaries for technology’s application in enriching a better life.

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