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Goodix Enters Wearable Devices Market Through Commercialization of Heart Rate Sensor

Time : 2018-06-06 09:50:08 Source:Goodix

[Shenzhen, China, June 6, 2018] Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) today announces its proprietary heart rate detection sensor is featured in latest Huawei Honor Smart Earphone, marking Goodix's entry into the smart wearable devices market. Goodix with its innovative aptitude is set out to bring high-performance and low power consumption solutions to this market, with the mission to provide global consumers a smarter, safer, and more convenient experience.



The latest Huawei Honor smart earphone is a stylish, high-performance smart wearable devices. Equipped with Goodix’s ultra-thin single chip, it achieves a low-power, precise heart rate detection within 5 seconds of use as well as a “mood” index application that assesses stress, relaxation, and decompression. Goodix’s heart rate sensor also added values in health-, interface- and emotion-related applications which are in high demand for today’s active consumers. It provides a sustained and robust heart rate monitoring for many application scenarios including physical activity, while at the office or relaxing. For example, users can monitor their heart rate while exercising in the morning, continue using the heart rate sensor while at work, and finally, at night to measure their quality of sleep.


Goodix provides integrated hardware & software proprietary heart rate sensor solution that wearable devices manufacturers desire. Goodix’s ultra-thin single chip is integrated into a traditional 3.5mm wired headset providing a simple design to accurately monitor a user’s heart rate. In addition to it’s simple design, the heart rate sensor does not need an extra power supply making it convenient for daily use. Goodix has developed innovative heart rate sensor solutions for Bluetooth headset and wireless bracelet as well.


According to Gartner data, there will be 505 million wearable devices sold by 2021. Goodix has positioned itself to take advantage of this fast growing demand and continue building on the success by expanding and refining their revolutionary products and solutions. More and more innovative products for wearable devices, IoT and automotive applications will be implemented commercialization since 2018. The road of innovation will never settle, driven by profound insights of market demands, customer-centricity, and dedication, Goodix will continue to provide more differentiating values to its global customers and the end consumers.

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